The 10th annual Byron Bay Film Festival kicks off this Friday, October 14 and runs through till October 23rd.  The dynamic festival features a number of creative films in the surf/skate genre. We’ll be previewing several of them over the next few days, but if you’re anywhere near the North Coast make sure you get involved in what has become one of Australia’s best festivals. Check out for session times and details.

In Peninsula Mitre – A Forgotten Land, the “cowboys of the sea”, the Gauchos del Mar brothers travel for 53 days by foot with 35kgs+ on their backs along the easternmost tip of Tierra del Fuego Province with the goal of surfing a world-class wave never ridden before at the Cape San Diego Lighthouse, the most easterly point.  They overcome heavy terrains, scarcity of food and harsh climate. They document the region and share their message of environmentalism, avoiding consumerism and living simply.

The Gauchos del Mar Started as a brotherhood surfing project immersed in nature and in search of new cultures, while communicating social and environmental messages.