Although we are generally reluctant to flagrantly promote our own staff members, we couldn't help but notice that Nick Colbey's perso clip, Smoko for Alf just made Stacking Clips alongside the recent submissions by Noa Deane and Jordy Smith.

Nick shelved a promising pro career to hit film school and now shoots and directs many of Tracks DVD productions. His latest major Tracks production, Wanderlust is scheduled to come out on the 30th December with the mag.

Needless to say, the Alf look alike still knows how to snuff out a barrel and the following clip is a montage of those little moments on trips when he gets to put the camera down and grab a board. The way we see it, the fact it featured on Stacking Clips means it was objectively approved and therefore gives us a kind of green light to blow some smoke up his ass. Did we mention he's also in a band? Some guys get all the breaks.