The last contest on the WQS schedule, The Vans World Cup at Sunset, is a fickle decider of surfing fates. Actually it’s on right now, serving up huge, billowing rights; catapulting some surfers to a shot at CT glory and shattering the dreams of others beneath its merciless, chunks of water.   

In the lead up to the event the Swells were North, which means the inside bowl at Sunset becomes a running right that sling-shots into a throaty barrel.

The crew ( Ethan Ewing, Davey Cathels, Kanoa Igarashi, Frederico Morais)  was on it for the warm up.  Watch out for a cameo by former CT surfer and current super-coach, Jake Paterson. Meanwhile, Pat Gudauskas’ slabbing pit on his green shooter shows how Sunset can heave as hard as Backdoor when it wants to. Pat is sitting at number 17 on the WQS rankings, if things go his way over the next couple of days, we may see him back in surfing’s big arena next year.