Everyone who surfs knows the name Taylor Steele. It’s permeated our culture since 1991 when he turned the surf movie game on its head with the release of Momentum. His flicks were rough, filmed exclusively from the beach on shitty cameras, featured breakneck-speed pop punk tunes and had no slow motion. In short they were the antithesis of surf movies of the day. Most importantly however, his movies came at a time when surfing itself was changing. A new guard was rising, and Taylor Steele had them in his back pocket. Kelly Slater, Shane Dorian, Ross Williams, The Malloy’s and many more were introduced to kids around the world through Taylor Steele and they ate it up.

Fast-forward 25 years, a big improvement in equipment, and more than 30 releases, Taylor Steele is set to drop his latest movie – Proximity. Taylor himself describes Proximity as a visceral portrait of modern surfing. It follows four pairs of the world’s best surfers, each pair made up of a legend and a rising star, as they search for new waves and a deeper understanding of themselves and surfing. Kelly and John John do the Pacific, Steph and Rasta take a trip to Baja, Craig Anderson and Rob Machado visit Chile and Shane Dorian and Albee Layer take on Northern Europe.

The Proximity tour will visit Australia in May. Visit http://www.proximitythemovie.com for dates and venues.