This clip of South Australian Teale Vanner took place under the simplest of circumstances. You're in town for a contest, see there is swell hitting a certain coast with favourable winds and decide to make the nine hour journey there to stuff yourselves with pits for three straight days. That is the exact situation lensmen Zac Heath, Newcastle's Jesse Adam and Teale Vanner found themselves in and as you can see by the quality of the above clip, they scored. But let's let Zac Heath break it down.

"We where down around Adelaide for the Hurley Winter Classic when we noticed that the west coast was looking good for the next few days, says Zac Heath who was in South Oz filming Teale for the Hurley Winter Classic. "We made a mad dash, along with Merewether surfer Jesse Adam, that afternoon organising a rental car, boards,  grabbing extra camera gear and basic food staples and drove more than 9 hours overnight to catch the swell. We managed to get a few hours sleep in the car which had about 10 boards, 3 guys, a tonne of bags and gear before first light which revealed pumping waves with barely anyone around. The boys surfed their brains out for two and a half days before we made the trek back to civilisation just in time to get our flights back to Newcastle in time for work the next day. I've only shot with Teale once before in average waves and was pretty blown away by how dialled in he had these waves. He put on a clinic pretty much every session and looked so relaxed in some pretty crazy waves."

Film & edit: Zac Heath