Enjoy this soothing clip of Nathan Hedge, Cahill Bell- Warren and co. surfing in rubber in numb toe (almost) Nirvana. This coast has so many magical bays, headlines and curves in the coastline that need some loving to get going in the form of all the elements co-operating. But surely they do deliver when everything comes together. Cahill is well aware of what it takes to get half decent waves in this area."This part of the Victorian coast is a full emotional bender. Around every corner the swell direction looks different and the wind is the opposite. You have to know where you want to be and the conditions it needs, because a general drive looking for waves always sees you driving the length of the coast and then returning back to surf the first spot you checked.... Just like we did."


Nathan Hedge

Cahill Bell Warren

Nige Muscroft

Gus Harfield


Song - Everybody Want To Be Heard

Artist - The The Theatre Of The Absurd


EDIT - Colbey