When he was just 18 years of age, Mike Coots was attacked by a large Tiger Shark while surfing off the coast of Kuaui.

Mike lost his right leg in the attack, but that hasn’t stopped his love of the ocean. You might’ve even seen the images of mike surfing splashed across the internet, his prosthetic back leg, in clear view as he drives through a backside tube.

Now 36, he recently traveled to the Bahamas with the intent of coming face-to-face with the Tiger Shark in its own territory, underwater. 

Mike is also an avid scuba diver and shark advocate and wants the world to join him in protecting these magnificent beasts.


Executive Producer - Katie Thompson / PADI
Director of Photography - Brandon Paul Watts / Wanderlust Industries
Cinematography - Dylan Isbell
Underwater Cinematography - Duncan Brake
Underwater Cinematography - Brandon Paul Watts / Wanderlust Industries
Post Production - Brandon Paul Watts / Wanderlust Industries