Last week we dropped part 1 of O’Neill’s new O’Riginal series. If you missed it here’s the basic premise. Three surfers feature, one a week. You may or may not have heard of them, but each has a really cool story to tell about their love for surfing and the ocean. They’re authentic, engaging and relatable. They’re real surfers.

This week we meet Lachlan Rombouts. Lachie has a story many of us can relate to. Lachie loves surfing, but he also loved a good time … a little too much.

Lachie burnt the candle at both ends until it caught up with him and his mental health nosedived.

That was until a local bombie lit up under the swell for lifetime and it changed everything for the young man.

As director Vaughn Blakey states, “In the end, it was finding a connection with giant surfboards and even bigger waves that reinvigorated Lachie’s love for the sea and helped him identify what sort of man he wanted to be.”