Strung like a necklace of priceless jewels off the west coast of Sumatra, The Mentawai Islands are home to the most glorious waves on earth. You may flirt with other locations, but the Ments with its hypnotic tubes, seductive coils and myriad different set-ups will always draw you back. It is an otherworldly realm where surfing fantasies are made real and the possibilities of performance redefined.          

When professional surfers travel to the Ments it is a meeting of bold forces. If you take the best surfers in the world and put them in the best waves then the results are always going to be spectacular. Tracks recently went roaming aboard the Mangalui in the Mentawais with seven, surfing virtuosos who were blessed with all that this divine cluster of islands has to offer.

Introducing The Realm featuring Finn McGill, Davey Cathels, Reef Heazlewood, Nolan Rapoza, Seb Smart, Matt Meola and Sheldon Simkus.   

Filmed by Jon Spenser

Edit by Nick Colbey

Thanks to captain Albe on the Mangalui  for putting us in the right place every time. 

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