Welcome to the sandpit. The Sandpit Radio Show broadcasts out of the hipster stronghold of Byron Bay each week to a world wide audience and brings together some of the loosest characters in the surfing world. North Coast residents like Dave Rastovich Matt Wilkinson, Perth Standlick, Garrett Parkes, Creed McTaggart, Adam Melling and more often find themselves in the hot seat with host, local surf journalist and author Danny Salfield. The Sandpit covers a range of issues from the world tour to the environments and features live music sessions. Every week we'll be bringing you a selection of interviews recorded live in the studio. For more check out www.sandpitradio.com

This week's guest is 22-year-old Felicity Palmateer who created history by becoming the first female to surf big Cow Bombie during the recent Indian Ocean mega swell. Watch her charge below and see more photos from the swell here.