I’m not quite sure what to even say about this. Just when you think that every liquid jewel has been uncovered, something like this happens.

Mick Fanning and Rip Curl have just found the Skeleton Bay for Natural Footers and they have called it “The Snake” – a roping five kilometre, sand-bottom point that breaks 20 metres from the beach and is take your breath away perfect.

Every fibre of your body will be dripping with envy after you are done with this clip. I can picture surfers around the globe going sleepless for days as they attempt to unearth the location.

But should it be found? Are we really worthy of knowing? I think I’d much prefer that this be kept airtight so we can all live with the knowledge that it’s out there somewhere rifling away unridden. Igniting a long forgotten fire of adventure in us, fuelled by the romantic notion that all is not known and there is still more to discover.