Swiping through my Instagram feed this morning I was hit with the blinding realisation that Mark Healey is still one crazy motherfucker. Along with his highly commended surf career his bio reads: “Mark is an award-winning speak fisherman, intrepid free-diver, bow hunter, skydiver, conservationist, yoga enthusiast and part-time Hollywood stuntman.”

Clearly he is also part mad judging from his latest escapade at Puerto Escondido. Healey stroked, yes paddled, into a wave that Surfline has called, “The biggest wave ever seen at Puerto Escondido". Photos and this video above are currently doing the rounds of our social feeds. Jump onto his IG account @donkeyshow to see more from the lunatic.

The previous day Healey was in Chile competing in the first WSL BWWT event of the season at Los Lobos. Immediately after the contest the Hawaiian shot straight to Puerto to lock horns with the swell of the decade.

On his Instagram account Healey said, "It was really scary out there this morning. Glad everyone is OK. Managed to be in the right place for a solid one on my @meeksboards / @wrv1967 9'8."

Local girl, Astrid Fonseca, a talented surfer herself, told Tracks that the colossal swell was the biggest she has witnessed at her home break.

"This is the biggest swell I've seen in Puerto Escondido! It was unbelievable!"

With favourable winds and the swell holding in tomorrow could be another historic day on the Playa Zicatela stretch.

“Tomorrow it will be as big as today,” says Astrid.

Stay tuned for more mind-bending heroics from Healey and Co.