South Coast surfers Scott Dennis aka 'Whip' and Elliot Marshall recently thawed out in Indonesia scouring the coast for gems and maximising a healthy swell forecast. This clip, put together by Jordan Jaffrey, features the pair surfing up and down the archipelago scoring alongside underground charger Jack Nyboer, Benny Serrano and their Indo expert Muklis Anwar.

Here's what Elliot Marshall had to say about the trip.

"This is our clip from a last minute dash to Indonesia. With the swell looking to be killer for at least two weeks and the water temperature at home starting to creep down, browsing for flights became second nature. It was simply a no brainer to get over there. We had a classic little crew consisting of Whip, myself, video guy Jordan Jaffrey, underground mad man Jack Nyboer, all round legend Benny Serrano and our Indo expert Muklis Anwar. If I had to think of two words to sum up our time overseas I think laughs and tubes would pretty much cover it. Hopefully this one inspires you to pack you're bags the next time the conditions are lining up because there is just too many good times to be had!"

Film & Edit: Jordan Jaffrey