Some high performance heavy-hitters have dropped clips recently – most notably Dane Reynolds and John John. In the wake of so much wave savagery and Slayer soundtracks, it’s nice to turn the music dial to classical and watch Rasta enjoy the glide on the NSW North Coast. That said, Rasta’s surfing on a twin fin is still a radical symphony of swoop and edge – he just can’t match the dolphins in this clip for aerial ability.

'Wajung' is a short film by Nathan Oldfield commissioned by The Surfer’s Journal. It features the surfing of Dave Rastovich and the music of Nick Wales.

'Wajung' is the name given to the bottlenose dolphin by the Arakwal People, the traditional custodians of this region of Bundjalung Country on the Far North Coast of New South Wales, Australia. Wajung can live for over fifty years and they typically live as a community of residents along a particular stretch of coast. As a result, they know the local seascape intimately. 

Wajung are an important totem for Saltwater People. Wajung give messages about relationships between clan members, create links between ancestors and the past and also help to connect people with places and events in Country. 

There are many stories of Wajung and Saltwater People communicating and interacting with one another, including cooperative fishing practices, sharing resources together and participating in mutual play in the sea.