Over the last handful of years, this wave on the South Coast of NSW has become somewhat of a nexus for those wanting to test their mettle in the big stuff without paying for international airfares.

It was first brought to Australia’s attention via a solid crew of local South Coast chargers who took it on whenever it came to life during the winter months. Looking at the quality of the wave, it’s easy to understand how it wasn’t long before images of the joint began circling, eventually becoming a regular in the pages, and on the cover, of surfing publications around Oz.

It has helped launch the careers of many of the region’s finest surfers, but now the increasing popularity of the wave has become a bit of a thorn in the side of those same guys, who now have to battle more surfers than they ever thought they’d see at a wave in their sleepy corner of the country.

It even led to Russ Bierke calling out visiting surfers who weren’t giving respect to the OG crew in the lineup, and also for their trashing of vegetation and littering on land. It has all the makings of becoming Australia’s own Banzai Pipeline.

In this edit we tag along on a trip to the wave with master swell chaser Tim Bonython as he jumps on a two-day swell event. He also stops in to chat with Dyl Longbottom to chat boards, the bombie, and prepping his daughter Summer for a dig at the swell.