Just when you had lost complete faith in the U.S.A Patty Gudauskas drops in with his upbeat, So-Cal jive, and hefty carves. Host, Luca Elder walks Patty G through a San Clemente history lesson speckled with cult figures like Wardo, Fletcher, and Beschen, while the classic Handycam footage of the Gudauskas brothers (Tanner, Pat, and Dane) gives us a window into an idyllic American childhood. It’s fun, it’s informative and the shakas are flying on a day when we all need something to make us look on the bright side of life.

There is no disguising the fact the clip is a creative effort to promote Pat's Channel Islands quiver, however, despite the advertorial undertone it's interesting to hear Pat explain in detail how he arrived at a board that became his signature model.

Channel Islands are also making a big grab for the mid-length market at present, so it's no surprise that we see Pat riding a few waves on a stretched, orange shooter. Welcome to a world where even the most progressive pros are not opposed to paddling out on a lolli-pop for a few high-lines. 

All in all, it's twelve minutes of light entertainment and board talk with a North American who is happy to accept the result of a contest without a total dummy-spit. Patty G for president.