Before Covid, there we probably not many surfers who were aware of the name Anthony Fillingim, but now he’s has become the man that every surfer on the planet has been living vicariously through during the pandemic.

Instead of fleeing for home as the lockdown began, Anthony decided to stay right where he was and ride out the pandemic in the Mentawai Islands. In ding so he has scored a stack of prime season swells all but solo.

Kandui Resort’s resident filmer and photographer Justin St John documented Anthony’s mind-blowing, and likely never-to-be-repeated sessions. Here Justis has cut an edit from a two-day swell from Bankvaults earlier in the season.

According to Justis’ calculations, Anthony gorged himself on 110 seconds of tube time over three sessions.

The edit also has some info about what the current situation in Indo is looking like for the remainder of the year.