For half a decade Bali has played host to everyone’s surfing fantasies. However, the rise of COVID-19 meant the surfing masses were no longer free to follow the swell and the sun to Bali for their annual pilgrimage. This provided locals with a rare opportunity to gorge on Bali barrels without the hustle of frothing foreigners.       

This clip by FedericoVanno features a handful of the Bali boys enjoying a hollow right that requires every ounce of tube nous you’ve got to find the exit signs. You have to admit the locals deserve a few to themselves after putting up with us for so long.    

Surfers list:

Kian Martin

Nyoman Satriaa "Blacky"

Bronson Meydi

Lempog Jackson

Darma Putra "Tonjo"

Lee Wilson

Marlon Gerber

Jared Mell


Pretty Lights - One Day They'll Know (ODESZA Remix)

Filmed & Edited: