“I don’t think people are taking my height into consideration! Once they realise I’m only 5’6” it might be a different measurement.”

Those are the light-hearted and self-deprecating words spoken by Irish surfer Conor Maguire upon being congratulated for riding what many now agree to be the biggest wave ever surfed in Irish waters.

While everyone had their eyes fixed on the slopey monsters of Nazare, the same swell was firing gigantic lines directly at the Irish Coastline. Local lad Conor Maguire took full advantage of what might be a  once-in-a-lifetime swell and headed for Mullaghmore. A truly horrifying wave, Mullaghmore takes a dash of Shipsterns, a hint of Teahupoo, a pinch of Cloudbreak and mixes it all into a frigid beast that only those with a special kind of fear tolerance would attempt on a good day, let alone on the biggest day anyone had witnessed.

In the clip above you can see footage from the session, and the wave that took the cheese as the biggest ever ridden in Ireland. Below you can watch an interview with Conor about the day, conducted by Sea Sessions, an Irish Surf and Music festival.