Under the cloud of the Covid19 pandemic, international travel has been extremely limited to all but the extremely wealthy, those who carry a certain level of celebrity, and of course Kelly Slater.

For us regular joes who don’t fall into the above categories, we’ve had to make do with our own backyards and get creative in order to stave off the boredom.

Filmmaker Andrew Schoener did just that, using his time to nail a surf film with Eithan Osbourne, Mickey Clarke and Dane Reynolds while the trio’s daily planners were emptier than usual.

Shot entirely on 16mm film, it’s got a little more creative flair than the usual churn and burn films we’re used to digesting at a rapid rate. Happy Talk (the clue is in the name) also delves a little deeper into the lives of the film’s protagonists, with Dane interviewing Eithan, Eithan admitting to having anger problems, Dane delivering board design tidbits while vision of him riding said board rolls etc.

It’s a creative and entertaining film, one that you can tell was painstakingly and lovingly shot and edited by Andrew, and it deserves your view.