Remember the film ‘Castaway’ where Tom Hanks' character, Chuck Noland, gets stranded on a tropical island and befriends a volleyball named Wilson? Much of it was actually filmed in Fiji. Professional surfer Brisa Hennessy’s situation during 2020 wasn’t quite as extreme, but there are certainly some parallels. Hemmed in by COVID, Brisa was quarantined on a remote island in Fiji for nine months. Instead of a volleyball she had a few boards, waves, and thankfully a handful of humans to keep her company.

Brisa had plenty of time to refine the art of backside tube-riding during her nine month stay on a remote Fijian Island.

Aware that she was in a unique situation, Brisa decided to make a movie about her experience. Was nine months in a so-called paradise with an abundance of empty waves really a tropical fantasy or did it involve facing up to some hard truths? You will have to watch FIJI PERSPECTIVE to find out.

“For me, the ultimate goal for this film was to have it dive into my journey of life, and provide an honest perspective on things,” says Brisa. “I hope that someone can relate to this journey. Life is not perfect, even if it looks like it is. We all go through different phases in our life. It’s all about perspective.” Brisa Hennessy.