You know the score. There’s certain crew at your local, that any time the swell is on, you can count on them showing up. The ones that live for the increase in a swell period, or when the conditions start to light up. They’re hungry, they want it.

Recently the East Coast of Australia was bombarded by a solid groundswell that lasted for days. It was simply the gift that just kept giving. Dependant on the slight change in direction, the wind, different banks, slabs
and reefs turned on.

This beautiful clip, captured and edited by Spencer Frost, with music by his brother Dylan, is focused on one small stretch of Aussie sand and reef.
4 local surfers, some family men, (even one with baby triplets) all different, but all committed surfers, coming together when it’s on. Carpenter - Beau Cram, Landscape Gardener - Karl Atkins, Computer Programmer - Paul “Bass” Stanton and Movement and Health Coach - Nick Laidlaw.

Juggling life’s necessities and finding time is always the key. It’s the creative ways that we deal with this juggle, to ensure we can be there when these swells come. As O'neill's South Pacific marketing manager, Rob Bain, says “We love having these type of guys as test pilots and friends of O’Neill and this really is just a small celebration of committed everyday surfers everywhere.

Filmed and edited - Spencer Frost. @spencerfrostfilms.
Music - Dylan Frost @dylsgram
Surfers - @beaucram @karlatkins @bass_stanton @balancedstudio