Nick Colbey is a man with many talents. Gifted surfer, musician and filmmaker. It was the utilisation of these talents that saw Nick move from his hometown of Byron Bay to Sydney about six-or-so years ago, where, in between gigs with his band Borneo, he worked with us at Tracks as ‘the video guy’ while he continued to study the craft at college.

Recently Nick decided he’d had enough of Sydney and decided to pack his bags and head back home. But before he settled back in, Nick decided that a surf trip was in order. And not just any surf trip, a 35,000km surf trip around Oz in his 4x4 camper ute nicknamed ‘The Coastal Emu’, that he would document and turn into a film.

The result is a humble and genuinely entertaining movie dripping with Australiana, and it will have you longing for a road trip of your own. And the surf? Well, let’s just say that Nick had Huey on his side for the journey. From the South Coast of NSW, to the deserts of South and West Oz, Nick scores some very fine waves indeed, linking up with friends and characters along the way.