When you think of the heaviest waves in the Mentawai, Greenbush would be close to the top of everyone’s list. It’s a dangerously shallow, rifling, beast of a tube and once you’re committed to a wave out there, there is no safe escape other than to make it. And let’s not forget about the end section. It’s the wildest in the Mentawai. No two waves do the same thing here. One could spit you clean into the channel, and the next will gurgle bone dry over the reef with no exit, leaving you with a whole lot less skin than you had seconds before, or worse.

Here Nic Von Rupp and Nate Behl, two of the hardest charging hombres in the Indian Ocean, take on one of the biggest swells to be ridden at the wave, leaving Nic Von Rupp to seriously ask the question of whether this is the heaviest session ever to go down in the Mentawai. And when someone with the big wave chops of Nic asks that, you know it’s more than hyperbole.

What do you think?