If you took a poll about the two worst places to be when a gigantic Jaws wave detonates, surely the two top answers would have to be A) directly under the lip with a windsurfer and B) in the lip of the wave headed directly for the aforementioned windsurfer.

Spare a thought for these to hapless souls then, because that’s exactly the situation they somehow found themselves in during yesterday’s mammoth Jaws session.

The Windsurfer is 19-year-old Adam Warchol, and this was only his second-time ever dipping a toe in the Jaws lineup (perhaps his last). Word is that he is ok, but after this beating wore the next three waves on the head and thought he was about to meet his maker.

The surfer is still unidentified at this stage. We’re hoping that he too, is ok.

What do you think? Worst double flogging of all time?