So, have we all recovered from the Freshwater Pro? Did you enjoy your time in the pool? I thought there were glimpses of brilliance, but only in the form of a certain goofy-footed Brazilian. The rest was torturous, and the worst of all being the pre-ordained tube-rides, which the commentary team insisted on calling like they were spontaneous and unpredictable moments of high drama.

If like me, you are searching for something to wash off the stink, then you could do no better than watching this clip of Jack Robinson enjoying a 12-hour tube duel with the evil green ledges of Tombstones.

No predictability here, just skill and mastery at reading one of the trickiest, and heaviest waves in WA, where the untamed nature of the ocean is just as much of a star as the surfer riding it.

Ahh, that’s better.