What happens when you take a dash of Ain’t That Swell, mix it with a healthy portion of Anchorman, and mix in a sprinkling of single-fin nostalgia? We’re not sure either, but it sure was entertaining to watch!

Here Jed and Vaughan team up with Funboys International to bring you a behind-the-scenes expose on the only surf comp worth a pinch of shit, the Burleigh Heads Single Fin Festival. Perhaps their description best does it justice.

ATS TV in Association with Funboys International, Billabong, Burleigh Boardriders Club and the Torched World of Sports invite you to enjoy The Greatest Surfing Contest in the World.

You’ll join X2 time Gold Cone Piece award-winning journalist Jed “Smivvy” Smith, and former New Brighton Boardriders U/15 Club Champion Vaughan “Rinsed Corn” Deadly at the birthplace of modern professional surfing, as they deliver a brutal behind-the-scenes expose of an event that is now considered one of the most important in the Australian sporting calendar.

Marvel at the wave riding skills of the world’s best surfers on superior vintage craft! Roar with disapproval at the design mutations invented by Mark Richards and Simon Anderson that sent performance surfing into the dark ages. Take in the sickening aroma of coconut oil boiling on leathery Queensland skin.

There’s no event like it and no event coverage that has been this cutting edge.