With the tour all but forgotten at this point, it is now the humble web edit that we must use to gauge a surfer’s standing in the world of riding waves. And after dropping this absolute hammer of a clip yesterday, WA’s Kael Walsh has bulleted toward the top of that list.

In our opinion he now rightfully takes his place among the world’s top freesurfers, joining the likes of Dane Reynolds, Noa Deane, Wade Goodall, etc. and should be a hot topic in the discussion surrounding the best clip of the year.

The waves are ridiculous, from meaty WA tubes to giant Indo ramps and the final scene featuring some of the best rights we’ve ever seen. The way Kael approaches these waves is also ridiculous. It is straight-up redline surfing and nothing less. I suppose when you count Mikey Wright as a mentor then it kinda goes without saying.

Hit play and enjoy watching Australia’s newest free surfing freak.