If you’re an avid follower of social media or YouTube devotee, then you would be aware that yesterday saw a swell for the history books bombard Hawaii.

At the pinnacle of the action was Jaws, which was so big we’re not even game to begin assigning a size to it. It’s probably best to just call it really, really fucking big.

With the notorious Maui trades blowing a gale, paddle surfing was out of the question, so it was the tow crew, along with a hardy bunch of windsurfers and kitesurfer to take it on.

Kai Lenny was at the front of the pack and took to the waves as only he can. Chop-hop rotations into giant drops, mach-10 carves in the bowl, and even air attempts on waves that would make reasonable people brown their trousers just by looking at them.

Above you’ll find an edit featuring some of his antics from yesterday’s session.

Speaking of taking thing to a new level, Justine Dupont deserves equal mention for her insane tube-ride, which surely must be a contender for, if not definitely being, the best big-wave tube ever ridden by a woman.

And almost claiming a Darwin Award was Brad Domke, who thought attempting to ride Jaws on a skimboard was a good idea, but quickly found out it wasn’t.