If there’s one wave on the North Shore that gives the world’s best surfers a canvas on which to display everything they’ve got, it’s Haleiwa. Basically, a giant rip bowl, Haleiwa’s walls offer endless speed and a wall that bends back at the surfer, begging them to hit it with everything they’ve got. In terms of big turns, Haleiwa is where it’s at.

Earlier today we witnessed one such turn laid down by John John Florence, which was entered in the now digital Triple Crown and must surely be a 10-point-ride. View the wave here.

It was from a handful of standout sessions at the Harbourside wave that went down over the last few days, featuring an all-star cast all attempting to get their two bites at the Triple Crown cherry. Here, we’ve compiled a couple of the best edits from the sessions that we managed to find on YouTube.