Where do you fall on the use of slow-motion in surf movies? We’ve found that there are usually only two camps on the matter, you either don’t mind it, or you wish to see it erased from surf movies for all eternity.

Us? Well, we fall into the former camp. We can appreciate there are nuances of certain rides that can only be digested accurately when the frame rate is upped significantly. Take John John Florence’s iconic foam-ball ride from his Space flick. That is some of the best surf footage ever captured. And it was done by the maestro of slo-mo himself Chris Bryan.

Now Chris is back and taking his slow-motion schtick to a whole new level with this ride of Kip Caddy at Shipstern Bluff. Shot at 1000fps, the full four-minute something clip features only one ride, plus a handful of impressive lifestyle shots filmed at the notorious Shippies Jump-off spot.

And in our opinion, it’s worth every frame.