Ever since Tom Curren put foot to wax on a Tommy Peterson Fireball Fish at big Bawa in 1994, the board model has taken on as much mystique and intrigue as Tom Curren himself.

When Tommy recently offered to make one for Mason, whose pops was one of MP’s good friends, the young Hawaiian jumped at the chance to place his feet on the iconic shape.

According to Tommy Peterson the board you see Mason riding is a tweaked version of the last one he made for the pocket dynamo Hawaiian. “It’s 5’3” with a step and channels in the middle under the front foot, and a rolled V through the back.”

Mason with his latest 5'3", Tommy Peterson Fireball Fish, the one he rides in the clip. Photo: Rory Pringle

Asked about the purpose of the forward placement of the step and channels, Tommy suggests it ensures Mason can keep his craft micro-sized in big waves. “It’s so you can ride it in twelve-foot surf and it won’t slide out… no problem. It’s got nice, big blocky rails so it can’t catch anything. All you do is slide over the water and you go like a rocket ..."

With the board in his hands, and an epic sandbar bank doing its thing on the North Shore, Mason got to work, sharing an all-time session with his Dad and Sister, Coco, who nabs perhaps the tube of the day.

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