Velsyland, or V-Land as it is more commonly known, is a wave that has always fascinated me. Firstly, it looks like it may be the funnest wave of all time for a regular foot. Roll-ins that double up into ridiculously perfect tube sections, shapely little horseshoe walls ripe for the hacking, it’s a dream. Secondly, V-Land has always had a somewhat mythical vibe to it. For a time it was an unwritten law that it was pretty much off-limits to visiting surfers, a pristine reserve where Hawaiian surfers would indulge, free of the visiting hordes that plagued the rest of the North Shore.

One local family that has always regulated the lineup at V-land has been the Hos. From the late Uncle Derek, to Michael, and now Coco and Mason. It’s a wave tailor-made for their fun, jive inspired brand of surfing, as this clip of Mason can attest to.