Mason Ho is as laidback as they come. While everyone rushed to push out their content from the late April Pipe day-of-days, mason it seems has taken his time to deliver his edit from the late-season bonanza.

Perhaps it took him a while to sort through his Mom’s record collection to find just the right song to accompany the visuals, stopping on a freeform Jazz-rock number with a sax player in a starring role, and hey, it works. Didn’t even matter it was recorded in mono leaving one ear starved of the frantic jam.

Whatever the case it’s well worthy of your time, as Mase’s edits always are. A particular highlight is Uncle Derek Ho stumbling at the bottom of a Pipe monster before almost being decapitated by a guillotine-like lip. You can almost feel the wave realise it was Pipe royalty it was about to maime, before it pulled away at the last second and let him escape unscathed.