Mason Ho, and his sister Coco Ho for that matter, embody everything that is fun about surfing. So it’s no surprise hthey eventually found their way to the Palm Springs Surf Club, the new wave tub run by the always flamboyant Kalani Robb, and Cheyne Magnusson, the Willy Wonka of artificial wave candy.

Mason took to the Palm Springs wave machine like a retiree to a poolside cocktail and put on a display that is yet to be equalled at the wave. Acid drops to air-rev combos, functional fins-first tubes, wall-rides and board-slides, made does it all, or gives it a red-hot go.

It also helps he had a few of Cheyne’s new wave varieties to play with including a slab, and air section, and our favourite, a delightful little chip in that grows to a legitimate stoke-inducing tube.