Tracks recently hit the road and travelled to Lennox Head and Ballina on the North Coast of New South Wales to speak to members of the community about the recent spate of shark attacks in the area.

There have been five shark attacks since February - one fatal - along with numerous incidents that have remained unreported and have been shared anecdotally around the community.

For this exclusive on-the-ground documentary Tracks spoke to professional surfer Adam Melling, Ballina Mayor David Wright, Southern Cross University Marine Biologist Doctor Daniel Bucher, Air T&G Helicopter pilot Tim Latimer, Marine Rescue Chief Commanders John Donohue & Lorraine Leuckel, Ballina Fisherman’s Co-Op representative Josh Kilgour, Positive Change for Marine Life’s Courtney Jackson, Glassing Division's Julian Webb, resident shaper Joel Fitzgerald and many other members of the Northern Rivers community to hear how the recent events have affected the region and whether or not something can be done.

Directed by

Alex Workman & Mat Macready


Dom Sullivan

Additional Footage:

Luch Bernhard Photography

Saul Goodwin Property Shot Photography