Showcasing spectacular New Zealand scenery, 'Karioi' features dedicated environmentalists working alongside local community members to protect the highly endangered native seabirds that call Raglan home.

Kid-gloves treatment for an endangered seabird in the Raglan area of New Zealand.

Narrated by surfer and Patagonia activist Dave Rastovich, 'Karioi' tells the story of a community as they work to save the local seabird population and restore the natural glory of Mount Karioi, all the while forming strong, vibrant connections to the land and sea around them.

"Seabirds have been calling Raglan home for thousands of years, but right now they are actually struggling to find safe burrow spaces away from introduced species and predators. This amazing grass-roots group is working to look out for the future of these birds, which is also so deeply linked to the future of this place and the people that call it home." – Dave Rastovich.

Although surfing is not the focal point, the film is centred around the world-class waves of Raglan and we get a genuine sense of how special the waves and the surrounding area are.

Through this well-crafted short film, the Raglan community inspires other local groups around the world to consider how they can act to preserve and restore aspects of the natural environment in their own respective backyards.