Toxicity and modern mass production aside, the art of surfboard making in its fundamental form is a beautiful thing - and idea, a craftsman, a surfer and a wave.

In this clip, beautifully captured by Morgan Maassen, Shaper Ryan Lovelace lets his creative juices flow, producing what looks to be a hybrid flex-tail fish and edge board?

Whatever it is, you wouldn’t want to be the person responsible for the sanding.

The board is then handed off to the stylish Trevor Gordon who takes it for a spin in his own aesthetically pleasing minimalist way.

Sure, you may not be able to blow-tail, or rotate above the lip on it, but that’s is so far removed from this board’s purpose it’s irrelevant. The thing is, surfing and surfboards become a whole lot more fun if you let go of that notion and just ride them for what they are, which is beautifully summed up in this clip.