The Right, located off the southern coastline of WA, is the surfing equivalent of an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object. It’s where raw Indian Ocean swells barrel headlong into a lump of Granite, creating some of the most intense oceanic expulsions of energy on the planet.

It’s no surprise then, that once surfers began to chance their hand at The Right, it quickly became the wave du jour, featuring on the cover of many surf publications, including Tracks, and edits from the wave were loosed in plague proportions onto the interwebs.

Sadly, the wave suffered a similar fate to Shipsterns, over-saturation. Too many images, too many clips and the human eye became desensitised to what they were seeing. Everything we loved about the wave was still there, it just didn’t do it for us anymore.

In saying that, it has been a while since we’ve sat down and this clip of The Right in full cry by Ren McGann had us hooked from the first sequence, in which an unlucky man does four full summersaults while being engulfed by the beast. The spark has been re-ignited.