Surf Lakes had a bit of a bumpy start, which I can be the way with any new piece of technology and engineering. In October 2018 the facility created their first waves. Shortly after, vision emerged of a select few surfers testing out the pool, but the waves weren’t at full size and it was a little underwhelming. It was also plagued with technical difficulties. A broken plunger and a hastily laid concrete floor that began to break apart among them. Surf Lakes was forced to shut down in order to repair and refine.

Now, some two years later, Surf Lakes have burst back onto the scene. The pool repaired and the waves tweaked. This edit serves as the first official full-length reveal of the facility, and we have to say that we’re impressed.

Also, this week Surf Lakes made it known that their intention was to open the facility to the public as soon as possible.

Would you make the trip to Yepoon to sample?