Featuring stunning imagery and a delicately crafted soundtrack, The Fjordman encourages you to question conventional notions about the pursuit of perfect waves.

To capture the compelling footage Asher Pacey and filmer/director, Ryan Mattick, criss-crossed Iceland for a month, sometimes risking their lives on dark, icy roads as they chased elusive swells and optimal winds at a time of year when both light and warmth are in scarce supply.

It'd take a lot to stay focused on a wave with a backdrop like that.
There's not a temperature low enough to keep Asher from surfing a set up this fun.

Despite the frigid setting, Asher still rides his twinny like a lick of melting better and you will be impressed by how fun certain lineups look and how heavy others are. The Fjordman will make you go ‘wow’, it will fill you with a sense of icy wonder and it will make you feel very, very cold. However, as warm water lineups become increasingly crowded, it might also prompt you to consider somewhere more chilled for your next surf trip.