Is Michael Ho the best 63-year-old surfer on the planet? He’s surely a contender for the title. Especially after his standout Backdoor tube during the  recent Valentine’s Day swell at Pipeline, which you can peep within this clip from Mason Ho

Michael is also still one of the biggest frothers you’re ever likely to meet. A prime example of his evergreen love for surfing plays out in the opening sequence of this clip, in which mason attempts to call his Dad to let him know that pipe is firing and that he should get down there. Mason gets no answer because Michael was already out in the water jostling with the pack, stuffing himself into anything he could get his hands on.

How good is that? One of the surfing world’s biggest frothers beaten out into one of the swells of the season by his 63-year-old father. You gotta love the Hos.