Did you know that there was a left at Cape Solander? We’d heard whispers and have even witnessed it showing potential in the flesh, but it is a temperamental beast that requires just the right swell angle to become even remotely rideable. Not only that, if you make a wrong move on the left it can leave you metres from the rocks, where the current will push you back onto the ledge and ragdoll you pinball machine style with little chance for escape. In short, it’s just as gnarly as the right, which incidentally, breaks just off the other side of the peak.

In this clip, shot by Paul van Kan, we see a band of Cape regulars take on a rare late summer swell at both the left and the right including, Josh Ku, Andrew Mooney, Joey Keogh, Mitch Kenyon, Evan Faulks, Max McGuigan, Matt Dunsmore, Declan Ohea, Jack Baker, Ben Sawyer & more.