Yesterday we received the sad news that legendary lensman Marty Tullemans had passed away. If you’ve been anywhere near social media, and your algorithm is tuned into the surfing world, you no doubt would’ve seen the flood of tributes during in for Marty. It says a lot, not only about his talent as a surf photographer but also the fact he was such a warm, quirky and loveable man.

However, the quirky traits for which he was so beloved also hinted at the struggle Marty faced with bipolar disorder, a mental illness which he battled throughout his life.

In this video, Tim Bonython reveals an interview he conducted with the ‘cosmic pygmy’ some time ago. For those lucky enough to have met Marty along his travels, this will bring memories of him flooding back, for those not lucky enough to have encountered Marty, it delivers an insight into the much-loved man and his history.