Torren Martyn and camera-wielding co-conspirator, Ishka Folkwell, re-fit a people mover and go on the road through Ireland and Scotland. In these times of limited travel, their unfettered roaming has even more appeal.

Wouldn’t we all like to jump in a van, grab a quiver of twin fins and go see the world? The next best thing is to live vicariously through this D.I.Y duo.

While Ishka has it covered from all angles, Torren puts himself out there by adding the narrative voice-over to his adventures and providing us with a little context. The end result is something more than just surf porn. We meet different people, witness the inventiveness required to kill boredom on the road, and get an insight into the challenges long-haul travel hurls your way. Of course, there are plenty of lonely tubes for Torren and a couple of set-ups that will make you wonder if it’s almost worth brushing aside Indo and its crowds to pull on the thick rubber and chase a more frigid kind of fantasy.