The last time we caught up with Torren Martyn, the stylish, traditional line drawing gentleman from Byron Bay, he was wowing us with his fluid surfing in the perfect tropical point breaks of Mexico.

This time around we find Torren in the polar opposite environment … literally. Winter in the Arctic Circle, or Iceland to be precise. Short windows of light, temps hovering around -10 degrees, wind chill that’ll send an unprepared soul to the grave, and the ocean on the verge of freezing.

Margaritas in boardshots it ain’t!

Nonetheless, Torren gets busy on an array of frigid and fun looking set-ups. Captured wonderfully by Ishka Folkwell, and soundtracked by Headland it’s a quality clip that is a must watch during our isolation.

There’s also a bonus interview with Torren about the trip, which you can find here.