Ahh the Mexican pointbreak, the fantasy of every red-blooded natural footer on the planet. But only a lucky few even knew they existed prior to 2006 when Rip Curl staged what still might be the best competition in history at Barra de la Cruz.

Fast forward 20 years to 2021 and Nathan Florence, who would have been about 12-years-old when Andy surfed to victory at the Barra de la Cruz event, is the latest surfer to have his wildest Mexican dreams come true.

While brother John languished in transit between the east and west coast of Australia, younger siblings Nathan and Ivan jumped a flight to Mexico to greet a rather good-looking swell.

And it delivered, big time! Nathan was kind enough to have surfed with a GoPro in his chops in order to give us a look inside the mind-melting tubes he scored, which you can view above.