What were you up to at 12-years-of age, and what was the biggest wave you’d conquered? Whatever the answer, we’re sure that ‘baby’ Steve Roberson has probably got you beat. !2-year-old Steve recently hit the lineup on what many have called one of the craziest days ever at Jaws, and as you’ll see in the video above, he got his share.

His lightweight frame barely creating enough momentum to carry him down the wave in the face of the stiff Maui trades and the ocean’s raw energy.

What could possess a child to take on gigantic Jaws? Well, having a dig at Jaws runs in the family. Steve’s Grandaddy John Roberson was among the first to ever paddle out at the wave, and his Daddy, Kaleo Roberson ain’t no slouch out there either.

The only question that remains is; what is this kid going to be doing out there in a decade when he will be just 22-years-of-age?