The news itself is old. This clip however is fresh. It features Noa Deane’s first steps into the ocean with the Volcom Stone scribbled on the nose of his board, and it just feels right. We’re so glad you two finally got together!

Volcom says this of the signing:

“Noa Deane, a person who can change people’s perceptions about surfing for the better just by being himself, saying what he thinks, surfing how he feels. He’s the antidote to surfing with a plan, a torch to the spreadsheets that turn riding oceans into a pile of stinking numbers. He’s got the DNA of every surfing miscreant and rabble-rouser and hot-blooded purist in his veins, and the delightful ignorance of youth on his side. He’s the living, breathing embodiment of the Stone. If Volcom had a baby, Noa Deane would be it. Welcome Home...”