Wesuit Guide 2017
Wetsuit Test


When temperatures plummet a good wetsuit is your best friend – it keeps your wave quota high, opens up an infinite number of cold-water coastlines and ensures your limbs are flexible enough to shred, while still enjoying the insulation of the rubber armour.

Alongside your surfboard, a wetsuit is probably the most important hardware purchase you will make as a surfer.

At Tracks, we take your quest to get the best out of your suit seriously. Each year we send a crew of straight-talking test pilots to a location with suitably icy temperatures. The suits are tried and tested by multiple surfers and the feedback cross-referenced before a conclusion about a suit is reached. We also talk directly to the wetsuit designers from each company to ensure that we are up to speed with the constantly evolving technology they employ to improve the over-all performance of their products.

This year our test was conducted in the frigid waters of Phillip Island. Our four testers were Blake Thornton, Nick Squires, Monty Tait and Sandy Ryan, with the results compiled by Brett Burcher.

As previously mentioned, purchasing a wettie is an important decision. It’s worth reading through the fine print of our guide to find the suit that’s right for you.

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